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How to holiday and save lives

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So you’ve just decided to go on a holiday getaway to a strange exotic land.

But before you go, there’s so many things to do- book your flights and accommodation, N/A your time at work, make sure your passport is still valid, research the sites and activities you want to do, get your immunisations, ask your boss for extra shifts at work for spending money, pack your life into one little suitcase, hit the gym for a killer beach body… the list goes on.

With all these things to check off your list before you go, it’s easy to forget that your holiday may affect when you donate blood next. In fact, according to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, travelling is one of the key reasons why Australians aged between 18-24 don’t donate blood.

So what can you do to ensure you save lives and go on holidays guilt free?

One of the easiest ways is to make donating blood part of your pre- holiday preparation. Before you get your holiday immunisations, head down to your local blood donation centre and donate blood. It will also reassure you that you’re going overseas healthy as they check your iron levels, blood pressure and overall blood health.

However, if you do forget, most people are able to donate blood again after four months from when you come back to Australia. Sometimes you may no have to even wait, as many countries are risk free and don’t require you to wait to donate.

Finding out when you’re able to donate once you’ve returned overseas is easy. Simply visit The Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s  Donating After Travelling page and choose your destination from the drop down menu. You’ll find information on the disease and how long you have to wait until you can donate again.

To book an appointment to donate blood, give the Australian Red Cross Blood Service a call on 13 14 95 or simply visit


Author: youngbloodcampaign

An initiative to encourage young Australians to become blood donors.

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