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Facing your fears: Emily’s Story


There are so many reasons why people do not donate blood.

Perhaps they are ineligible. Maybe they believe they don’t have the time. Some are afraid and skeptical, while even more are unaware of the need for blood or the way to get involved and give. Guest blogger Emily Gordon, a 20-year-old student from Wollongong shares her story on how she got involved and reminds us that if at first you don’t succeed, don’t be disheartened. Try again- your willingness to make a difference is wonderful in itself.

Emily Gordon is a testament to the fact that if at first you don't succeed, try again.

Emily Gordon is a testament to the fact that if at first you don’t succeed, try again.

As I am studying a health degree, I am well aware of the importance of donating blood and how it can be literally lifesaving to person in need. I have always seen all the different ads on T.V. about donating blood and have always perceived it as such a worthwhile and real thing to do for the many people in need.

The real challenge for myself, when it comes to donating blood, is that I actually have a massive phobia of needles. Nonetheless, I was encouraged by my boyfriend to try and face my fear- we shouldn’t be afraid of saving lives! He came up with the idea that we would go and both donate together as he is a regular blood donor himself. At first I was hesitant, but then the idea grew on me and I psyched myself up to go, face my fear and do a good deed.

Upon arrival at the Blood Bank, I instantly felt at ease as the lady at the reception desk was so helpful with filling out all the forms and guiding me through the process. She went out of her way to ensure I was settled and was adequately hydrated. Unfortunately, however, anxiety got the better of me and the staff member that conducted my interview advised me that I should not go through with the donation. It was so reassuring to know that, although I went with every intention of giving blood, I was not pressured into it and all the staff went out of their way to ensure my wellbeing was the highest priority.

“It was so reassuring to know that, although I went with every intention of giving blood, I was not pressured into it and my wellbeing was the highest priority.”

I still  hope in the near future I’ll be able to donate blood and I do believe I have gotten one step closer to conquering my fear and helping others in this way.

I believe this campaign is fantastic in that it’s encouraging younger people to step up at take the initiative to give blood and I urge you all to try and give it a go! Donating money to a charity is all well and good, but donating something so real, straight from yourself, such as blood in my mind seems so much more useful – especially as you know it is going directly to the person in need, not getting caught up in the system and paying someones wage. I guess, in a way, blood could be described as liquid gold, it’s so valuable when you consider the real difference it makes to thousands of sick people globally.

To start donating blood and helping others, give the Australian Red Cross Blood Service a call on 13 14 95 or simply visit


Author: youngbloodcampaign

An initiative to encourage young Australians to become blood donors.

5 thoughts on “Facing your fears: Emily’s Story

  1. Ah Emily, I could be you! I have such a phobia of needles but know how important it is to donate. The few times I went to do it they were so lovely, but there was always a problem with my iron or weight or something! I should really give it another shot. Thanks for inspiring me to do so!

    • It’s great to hear that you are still committed to contributing, despite your fear! In terms of weight and iron, you are eligible to donate if you weigh more than 45kg and you are not low in iron, which you can check up with your GP before you book an appointment. If you are low, try adding iron rich foods or supplements to your diet! Best of luck with your next attempt to do the good deed and be sure to let us know how it goes! Thanks for you comment.

  2. Great blog! Such an important thing to be apart of! A member of my family was saved because of blood donations, so thank you for creating awareness on the important of giving.

    If you have time, you should have a look at my blog ‘Working Better Together’. We aim to create a positive online conversation for parents who may have children experiencing learning difficulties.

  3. This story is definitely something I can relate to.. I have a massive phobia of needles (besides being iron deficient in the past). I have always wanted to have the strength to help out and hopefully save a life but a fear of blood and needles has always stopped me.

    Great campaign, I really hope one day i’ll be able to do it!

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